Weyerhaeuser Framer Series™ Lumber brings you another breakthrough in structural framing: Lumber that stays so straight it comes with a warranty!

Now you can forget about guesswork and callbacks down the road. With Weyerhaeuser Performance-Tested Framer Series™ Lumber, you finally know how today”s lumber will still look and perform several years from now. Our patented computerized grading system—the result of 10 years in testing—goes far beyond visual grading capabilities to ensure that every piece starts straight and stays straight. We even mark each board crown to eliminate guesswork on the job site.

Weyerhaeuser Framer Series™ Lumber is protected with an effective anti-stain agent that provides sapstain and mold control, giving the product a freshly milled appearance.  Although this lumber arrives untreated, MWP Building Supply is one of only a few companies that is able to have the lumber treated locally before it is sold. We are your one-stop-shop for treated AND untreated lumber and everything you need to go with it! To learn more about Weyerhaeuser wood products, visit  If you would like to purchase Weyerhaeuser lumber, come to MWP Building Supply's showroom or order it online and have it delivered right to you!    Order at our online store when you click OUR PRODUCTS