winterizing pool

Pool Closing Tips

It’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about closing your pool for the cooler months ahead. Properly preparing your pool for the winter will lengthen its life, and it’ll also make things easier when it’s time to open it again.  There’s a lot more to it than just slapping a cover on and calling it a day.  Let’s take a look at what you’ll need from MWP Supply to do to get your swimming’ hole ready for its long winter’s rest.  Here are some great pool closing tips:

  1. When should I close my pool??

Closing your pool too early can encourage algae growth and make your job a whole lot harder when it’s time to reopen in the spring. A good rule of thumb is to wait until the water is consistently lower than 65 degrees.

  1. Cleaning now will save you time later!

Brush the sides and bottom of your pool and then vacuum it. A thorough cleaning before closing for the season will help to prevent algae growth and lighten your workload when it’s time to open it back up.

  1. Fall leaves floating in swimming pool waterTest the waters

It’s best to take a sample of your pool’s water to us to have it tested. Our team can test your water to ensure the pH is between 7.4 and 7.6 and the alkalinity to be between 100 and 150 ppm. Just bring a sample by and we’ll get you set!

  1. Add the chemicals

We stock all the chemicals you’ll need to winterize your pool, here’s what you’ll need when you stop in at MWP Supply:

  • A pH increaser and/or an alkalinity increaser.
  • Sanitizer, such as Chlorine or Bromine.
  • Chlorine shock.
  • Winter algaecide.

Keep in mind that the chlorine shock will destroy the algaecide. The best course of action is to add the shock five to seven days before closing your pool, and then waiting to add the algaecide until right before you put the cover on.

  1. Time to check the filter and pump!

Remove the drain plugs and allow the pump to drain. Next, remove the pump and all the hoses that are attached. If you have a chlorinator, that should be removed at this time as well. A good tip is to keep all the drain plugs in the pump basket, you’ll know right where they are and you won’t risk them getting misplaced.  The hoses, pump, and chlorinator will last longer if you store them inside during the cold winter months. No matter what type of filter you have, it will need to be removed and cleaned before storage. Filters should also be stored inside, with the exception of a sand filter, which may be too large and/or heavy to take indoors.

  1. To drain or not to drain?

There is some debate about the validity of lowering the water level for the winter. This issue revolves around protecting the skimmer from cracking due to freezing temperature. For an above ground pool, removing the hose from the skimmer and using a winter skimmer cover plate will remove the need to drain the pool at all. The normal level will actually be better. An inground pool is a bit different.Your best bet is to call MWP Supply to come and blow out the pipes. We’ll insert a rubber piece that will protect the skimmer from damage in the freezing cold. If this is done, you won’t need to drain the pool. If you have tile on the sides of your pool, we’ll lower the water level to about 4 inches beneath the tile. This will prevent it from possible damage. At this point in the process, it’s also the best time to remove ladders and any other accessories that can be stored.

  1. Cover it up

An above ground pool will need an air pillow beneath the cover.

You can use clips and cables to secure your cover. An inground pool doesn’t require an air pillow but should use clips to secure the cover.

The long wait for spring….

You’ve cleaned and scrubbed, added chemicals, and covered up your pool.  Following these maintenance tips gives you the best chance of not having any unwelcome surprises come spring.


MWP Building Supply provides expert pool closings and treatments for cold-weather maintenance so when the summer comes back again, your pool will be ready!  Give us a call to set up your maintenance appointment  800-844-9234

chain saw river

Why Choose Stihl Power Tools

Recently, we were lucky enough to become an official Stihl Power Tool Supplier.  We’re proud to be experts in Stihl’s high performance tools and to have suck a great variety of them in our MWP Building Supply Showroom.  Why choose Stihl Power Tools?  Many reasons:

Stihl’s founder Andreas Stihl developed his first chainsaw in 1926. His incentive: “To ease peoples’ work with and in nature”. This guiding principle is still of cardinal importance today. They design  products to match our customers’ needs and requirements.

Since its foundation more than 90 years ago, the company has grown from a one-man business into a global chainsaw and outdoor power equipment manufacturer. Innovative ideas, in-house know-how and meticulous craftsmanship have resulted in a broad and steadily expanding product portfolio.

STIHL has been the world’s biggest selling chainsaw brand since 1971. Their outstanding innovations have set the benchmark for the industry time and time again. They want to continue growing and maintaining their values in the future. Lasting success can only be achieved by adhering to solid principles, and Stihl certainly does that!

Stihl Leaf-blowerSTIHL MS 261 C-M – Light to hold, tough on wood.

STIHL has recently further optimized its MS 261 C-M chainsaw. The power output is noticeably higher, despite the reduced weight, which will allow you to carry out the most demanding work with impressive ease.

Clearing Saws and Brushcutters

STIHL is also offering several new clearing saws and brushcutters that are suitable for all kinds of work, regardless of the size of the plot, or how overgrown it is. With new technology and improved guidance and maintenance, we make your work even more powerful and more comfortable.

Leaf/Rubbish Blower

Soon, you’ll definitely need the STIHL BGA 100 cordless blower for your yard.  Whether you’re removing leaves, rubbish or cuttings, the new STIHL BGA 100 will clear the way thanks to its enormous blowing power. And it’s so quiet that you don’t need to worry about needing ear protection.  There are many more tools that will suit your Fall outdoor needs as well!

Get your Stihl Power Tools right here at MWP Building Supply.  We are trained and knowledgeable on all of their sensational products and we’ll help you choose one that is right for you!  Visit the showroom today,


Group Of Friends Having Outdoor Barbeque At Home

Outdoor Party Ideas

With August in full swing, nothing says summer like memorable get-togethers with friends and family. Here are some outdoor party ideas to help you get started in creating the perfect outdoor summer party.

Outdoor Burger Bar

Creating an outdoor burger bar for your guests is the perfect way to let them easily build personalized burgers that will please everyone’s tastes.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray Station

Keep your guests sunburn and insect free by creating a sunscreen and bug spray station at the entrance to your venue. This serves as a fun way for your guests to stay protected from the elements.

Hanging Photo Booth

Have any old picture frames lying around the house? These can be hung outside for a quick and easy photo booth that everyone will love!

Repel Mosquitos with Herbs

To keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay, place Sage, Rosemary, and Lavender in flowerpots around your venue. These herbs smell incredible, look great as centerpieces, and keep your guests from getting bitten.

cornholeLawn Games

Create fun games for your guests to play outside, like giant scrabble, corn hole, and giant Jenga!

Spread Food Between Different Tables

Spreading different food items such as entrees, sides, and desserts between tables around your venue helps encourage guests to walk around and mingle.

Tea Lights in Mason Jars

Create easy D.I.Y lighting by simply putting tea lights into mason jars. These adorable lights will add playfulness and a comfortable glow to your venue.

Mobile Drink Station

Consolidate all of your drinks to a cart that can be easily moved around the venue so a delicious drink will always be within arm’s reach!

Consolidate Utensils by wrapping them in Napkins

Wrapping your utensils in napkins makes it easier for your guests to grab everything they need in one trip to the food tables.

Utilize Popsicle Sticks for Easy Labeling

You can easily label all of the foods at your party with Popsicle sticks. Also use Popsicle sticks to differentiate between more rare and well-done burgers!

By following these outdoor party tips, as well as adding your own personal touches, you’re sure to have a summer party that everyone will be talking about for the rest of the season!



Beat The Heat Hacks

Beat Heat Hacks

Heat got you down this summer?

Try a couple of these summer beat heat hacks and you’ll cool off in no time!  You might just save on your energy costs too 🙂

  • Keep your food cool and don’t use your oven when possible.  Have salads, fruits, vegetables and other cool dishes.  Keeps the house and you cool.
  • Close those curtains and blinds to keep the blaring sun out.  It will help keep your rooms cooler.
  • Drink lots of water.  You need to replenish all you sweat out.  Keeping hydrated will help you feel better too!
  • Wear breathable cotton clothing.  Nothing holds in the heat like synthetic clothing materials.
  • Run your ceiling fans counter-clockwise in the summer for optimal cooling.
  • Having a hard time sleeping in the heat?  Try a cooling pillow or a cool (or even frozen) washcloth on your forehead.
  • Dip your feet in icy cold water to cool your body down.  This may not appeal to everybody but it does the trick!
  • Don’t forget your canine friends.  You can create a treat-sicle for them by freezing water, dog treats and chicken broth in a bucket and then put it on a stand or small table for them to enjoy!
  • Products with aloe vera can be very soothing to sunburn and don’t forget your sunscreen.
  • Have a water balloon fight.  It’s fun and cooling.
  • Shut your fireplace damper.  Leaving it open can suck hot air into your home.
  • Carry around a small spray bottle with water.  Just a little spritz can make a difference.

If you have to be outside, try to do it early or later in the day when the sun is lower in the sky and the temperatures aren’t as high.  Wear sunscreen and a hat and don’t forget your shades!  Have a safe and cool summer from MWP Building Supply.



Outdoor patio

Tips For Updating Outdoor Space

Is your home a showplace, but your outdoor entertaining area look a little blah? We want to share some new design trends that can really enhance your outdoor entertaining area. Is your deck/patio furniture showing wear and tear? Are the cushions faded and threadbare? Does your furniture match?  Below are some Tips For Updating Outdoor Entertainment Space.

One of the latest design trends in outdoor décor is giving your space an indoor look. Let the design elements flow from inside to the outside. Use throw pillows to enhance the look and comfort of your outdoor space. You can even add an outdoor rug to give it a new look.

Another trend is using fancy furniture. If you buy a quality outdoor furniture, it will show and it will last longer. Get something weather-proof that doesn’t need repainting every season. Just because you are outside doesn’t mean it has to look like you are outside.Think about adding brightly colored planters with exotic plants. Just adding a bit of color and foliage can really enhance the quality of your outdoor look.

porch swing

Who doesn’t like a good porch swing? This design element adds both look and functionality to your outdoor space. Encourage guests to sit down and relax a while with the addition of a porch swing to your outdoor décor.

Light up your area for an elegant and functional look. Gone are the days of a small single bulb outdoor light fixture on your patio or deck. Add some colorful LED strip lighting or deck lights to jazz up your space.

If you have a big open wall space in your outdoor area, why not consider some nice artwork. Just make sure it is outdoor ready so it doesn’t get ruined in the first summer thunderstorm. Artwork can add to the ambiance of your outdoor entertainment area.

We hope this has given you a few good ideas to get that outdoor party space ready for your next gathering. Come in to see us at our MPW Building Supply showroom and we’ll help you get started today!

stihl power tools

The Right Tool for the Job

stihl mowersWhatever task you have, we have a power tool to get the job done. STIHL is the #1 selling brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment in America. An accomplishment that’s even more impressive when you realize none of our products are sold in big box stores. STIHL is only sold by servicing Dealers. People who are professionals in the use of outdoor power tools. So you talk to someone who truly knows this stuff. MWP Building Supply is proud to be an authorized retailer of Stihl Power Tools, an honor not given to any of the big-box stores. Our team is trained and ready to help you pick out your Stihl Outdoor Power Tool today!

STIHL tools are German-engineered, and a majority of them, built in America. So it’s no surprise that we spec the highest-quality metals, innovative polymers and other materials you simply won’t find on a lot of other brands. But that’s what you do when you build products people depend on.

From legendary chainsaws, dependable trimmers, powerful blowers and industry-leading construction tools, a STIHL is designed for reliability. And built for the long haul. And that’s why so many people recommend them, and use them.

Need to add a reliable power tool to your arsenal this year?

stihl powerwashers

  • Chainsaws
  • Blowers & Shredder Vacs
  • Edgers
  • Bed Redefiners
  • Pressure Washers
  • Sprayers
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Multi Task Tools
  • Pole Pruners
  • Wet/Dry Vacuums
  • Hand Tools
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Cut-Off Machines
  • Concrete Cutters
  • Augers & Drills

Check out Stihl’s website for many how-to videos and information on these reliable tools.

We have the tool you need for your next big or small job. Come into the showroom for a demo today and we can help you get started!

summer deck

Is Your Deck Summer Ready?

Summer cookouts, parties, family gatherings. If any of these are on the horizon for you, now is the time to get your deck ready for all that Summer entertaining. Winter can be very hard on decks, especially wood ones. Is your deck summer ready? Let’s find out!

First thing you should inspect your deck for any rotting wood, damage, loose boards, popped nails, sagging or loose railing. The damage needs to be repaired first before getting it looking great again. MWP Building Supply offers Weyerhaeuser Framer Series™ Lumber to repair any deck damage you may find. Weyerhaeuser Framer Series™ Lumber is protected with an effective anti-stain agent that provides sapstain and mold control, giving the product a freshly milled appearance.  Although this lumber arrives untreated, MWP Building Supply is one of only a few companies that is able to have the lumber treated locally before it is sold making it the perfect choice for your deck repair project.

Once you’ve inspected your deck and made any necessary repairs cleaning is the next step. Make sure to remove everything from your deck including furniture and make sure there aren’t any clogs between the boards. You want the cleaning solution to flow through the space between boards. To clean your deck, you can use a mild bleach solution or purchase a product specifically for deck cleaning. Test the surface first to make sure the cleaner won’t discolor your deck.

deck stainingNow that your deck is clean, decide if it needs a sealant or new stain. Decks should be re-sealed or re-stained every 2-4 years depending on use and weather. There are many stains/sealants on the market to choose from including clear to adding some color to your deck. At MWP Building Supply we have a wide variety of sealants and stains and all the tools you’ll need to make your deck look fabulous for your next gathering.

Once you’ve finished getting your deck ready, you might want to consider adding some new furniture or décor to your deck to give it that polished look. New cushions for existing outdoor furniture can give your outdoor space a whole new look. You can add patio lights, planters or even add a built-in bench.

Make your deck stand out this Summer! If you need the materials to get your deck summer ready, just come by MWP Building Supply’s showroom or order online.  Happy Summer!

Opening Your Pool or Spa

family poolWith Memorial Day just around the corner, it is time to open up those pools and spas for the season.

MWP has all of the chemicals and supplies needed to treat existing pools and spas. You can come into our showroom and we’ll assist you or we can deliver what you need to your door. Don’t want to do it yourself, we offer maintenance plans for pool openings and closings.

  • Pick a time to open your pool. You want to make sure the temperatures are warm enough for pool use.
  • Stock up on your pool maintenance and chemical supplies. We have a staff that is skilled and knowledgeable about installation and maintenance of hot tubs, spas and pools and are ready for your call.  We offer pool and spa repair service to help resolve any issues that may arise AND maintenance services to keep your water clear and clean off of your busy schedule.  We make pool closings and openings a cinch AND super quick if you sign up for one of our maintenance plans.
  • Make sure to drain and remove your pool/spa cover. You want to have at least two people so you don’t dump what’s on top of the cover into your pool.
  • Look for any leaks or repairs that need to be made. If anything needs to be repaired now is the time instead of mid-season when the pool is in use.
  • Remove all gizzmos, plugs from inside the pool
    You will need to remove all items plugged for winter, such as skimmer and return fittings.  Add water to the middle of the skimmer.
  • Start up Filter Equipment
    Re-install the plugs for the filter, pumps and heaters.  Install the baskets in the pumps and skimmers.   Open the skimmer, main drain and return valves.  Put the multiport valve in the ‘waste’ position to clean out the lines, then put it back in the filter position.  Note: Always have pump off when moving the multiport valve position.   You may need to prime your pump by adding water into the pump basket.  This may take several times to get all the air out of the plumbing.  Start up pump. 
  • Put Back all deck equipment
    Inspect diving board, ladders, handrails etc. for wear and damage.  Do not install a diving board if there are any visible cracks.  Stainless steel should be cleaned with car wax to help protect them from corrosion.  Note:  Salt pools may create extra corrosion  which will need to be watched and maintained throughout the season.
  • Test Water
    After starting up your pool equipment, let it run for 24 hours before taking a water sample.  Be sure that you take a sample from at least 1 foot below the surface.  Test the water or take it to your local pool professional. 
  • Vacuum
    Brush and vacuum your pool manually or with your automatic vacuum.

Don’t have a pool, spa or hot tub yet. Now’s a great time at the beginning of the season. Stop by our showroom and speak with our staff about getting set up today!

paint chips

Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing The Best Paint Colors

We all have a room that looks out of date.  A fresh coat of paint can help with that, but did you also know that the color you choose could have a profound impact on your environment?  MWP carries the Benjamin Moore brand of paints. A “paint like no other.  So we’ve got what you need!

How do you choose the best color for your room?


There are several things to consider. What is the room’s primary use? What kind of mood do you want the room to set? Did you know that color accounts for about 60% of our response to an object or place. There are lots of theories out there called color psychology. Effects of color can be subtle, significant, physical and psychological. The best use of color is really important especially in our homes.

One suggestion is to pull a color from an object in the room…fabric, curtains, upholstery. Narrow your choices down to a couple and get samples to audition your colors. Usually you can pick the perfect color from this exercise. You can paint your colors on a foam board and move around the room to see how the light affects the color.

You can add interest by painting stripes of two different colors or patterns with multiple colors. The stripes can be symmetrical or of differing widths.

Benjamin Moore Paints has several great tools on their website for choosing the perfect color. They have colors by family and collections and you can even upload a photo of your room and audition colors. They even have sample rooms you can color. Still not sure, check out their color search function.

You want to love the colors that surround you. So when imagining (or reimagining) a room, remember the influence color will have on the mood of the space. The effect may be subtle or dramatic. It can encourage tranquility or boost energy, even make you feel optimistic or more introspective.peach living room

To begin to understand color’s emotional impact, start with these color groups:

  • Pales – Their light, airy qualities make pale hues feel uplifting.
  • Neutrals – It’s no surprise that earthy, nuanced colors keep you grounded.
  • Whites – Pure and pristine, these timeless colors offer a blank canvas to express your style.
  • Deeps – Bring drama to a room with colors that are rich and mysterious.

Whatever feel or mood you want in your room, we have the perfect color to make it happen. Still need help? Come on into our showroom and we’ll help you pick out the best color that you’ll love!  MWP Building Supply is an authorized Benjamin Moore Retailer and we have the trained staff to make sure you get the best paint and advice to get your job done right.

Decking Materials

What Decking Materials Are the Best Value?

As thoughts turn to warmer weather and outdoor gatherings many homeowners are thinking of building a deck or renovating their current deck. There are a lot of decking materials out there. What is the best choice? A couple viable options are cedar, pressure treated lumber and composite decking materials.
First you need to assess your needs and decide which material has the most durability and features for your home and your usage.
The advantages of cedar and pressure treated lumber are a natural wood look, but they require sealing and staining and cleaning as part of their regular maintenance. Composite decking on the other hand does not require staining or sealing, just periodic cleaning.
While composite decking may be a bit more expensive, the low-maintenance of it can pay for itself in the long run. It has been shown that composite decks are much less expensive to maintain over a 20 year period as compared to its cedar and pressure-treated counterparts.
If you want a deck made with true wood, consider MWP’s sustainable building solution in Weyerhauser lumber. Weyerhaeuser’s patented computerized grading system — the result of 10 years in testing — goes far beyond visual grading capabilities to ensure that every piece of lumber starts straight and stays straight. It stays so straight, it comes with a warranty. You’d have a beautiful and natural deck to entertain on.
If you feel composite decking is more your taste, we carry two high quality brands.
Zuri® Premium Decking by Royal® goes beyond wood decking by combining the aesthetics of exotic timber while holding its beauty far longer than any wood could. Which means you get to create a thoroughly distinguished outdoor environment.
AZEK decks are 100% Smarter Than Wood™. They are designed to inspire and engineered to last beautifully. The incorporate the latest in materials science innovation to protect your deck. AZEK engineers the best high-performance building materials available.
If you are still in doubt, come into our showroom and we’ll be happy to assist you in picking out the materials that will create a deck that you will enjoy for many years to come. Want a hot tub on your great new deck? We can help with that too!